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An Online Education with an Abundance of Options

Champion Preparatory Academy provides a fully accredited, tailored curriculum to ensure that our students receive the most personalized education possible.

What Can CPA’s Online School Offer Your Child?

Champion Preparatory Academy is a private Christian academy that understands the need for alternative educational systems. Our Online School is a great option for students that need an education that is flexible and can be tailored to their academic requirements.  PEP scholarship students will be enrolled in Champion Academy and will not be part of our private school. 

With our Online School, your child can work at their required level, whether that be remedial, basic, honors, AP courses, or college. Students that may be struggling with the course materials may elect to additionally add a tutor to support and offer one-on-one instructor assistance. Our curriculum is academic yet fun-filled with computer games, web resources, and off-computer projects to add a well-rounded and in-depth education. Your child will be online, but never alone in their educational journey!

Champion Academy is a service based program that is not a private school.  All families 

Fully Accredited, Inclusive Education

We have full accreditation from the National Association of Private Schools Group (NAPSG) and provide an accessible virtual learning experience for grades K through 12. We also offer an adult high school online program for students 18 and up to have the opportunity to receive their diploma.

A Wide Range of Curriculum Options

We offer two options for our online students; they include the following:
Ignitia-Imagine Learning (3-12), and Apex-Edmentum (6-12)

How Your Child Can Benefit from CPA’s Online School

Champion Preparatory Academy offers over 25 years of experience in the education industry. Our online school is fully accredited and provides curriculum adapted to each student's learning technique and aptitude. We offer several course options based on the academic needs of our students. Our course offerings include the following:

  • Foundations – These courses are foundational boosters to your child’s education and are ideal for students who need remediation in math, reading, and writing.
  • Prescriptive – Courses are outfitted with unit pre-tests to record our students’ level of learning. For those that may need credit recovery, the pre-tests help us determine the areas in which our students need further support.
  • Core – Our core courses focus on core academics but also help our students master rigorous content. We achieve this by offering scaffold lesson plans to ensure our students understand their course curriculum thoroughly.
  • Honors - Students that pursue honors courses can further their education by exceeding their regular level of study. This prepares them for advanced courses and college
  • Advanced Placement - We offer AP courses authorized by the College Board that help our students prepare for college level courses and testing through AP exams.
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Now more than ever, it is important for online learning to be able to provide you with support for your child’s education. At CPA, we recognize that everyone processes knowledge in their own unique way and at their own pace. With this in mind, we have created programs that will help children gain confidence, enhance their learning style, and provide them with motivation to aim higher. If you want to learn more about the benefits of our Online School, continue reading.

  • Diploma from a Fully Accredited Private School--PEP scholarship students do not get a diploma. 
  • Dual enrollment for high school diploma and (AS) Associate of Science degree
  • Progress reports and professional transcripts to track academic milestones and improvement
  • Bright Futures Scholarship application assistance
  • College application assistance
  • College advisement and education guidance recommendations
  • High school transcripts for college admissions

How is CPA Different from Other Online School Programs?

Our online school offers multiple enrollment options and courses to create an education that is individualized for our students’ unique experience. We offer the option of course mastery so students can redo work to ensure their best performance in the course. CPA also provides the option of an additional tutoring program to pair with our different curriculum options. Our tutoring option is available for Ignitia-Edmentum, and Apex curriculums and can be purchased during any time of the school year. Champion Prep teachers who are certified and are well versed in all the core academic subjects work additionally as our tutors. 

CPA students can accelerate their learning and move at their preferred speed. This means that students pursuing dual enrollment can have both a high school diploma and an AA degree at the end of the year, ready to start college as a junior. For students that are seeking credit recovery, CPA’s Online School presents the ideal opportunity to retake a course they might have previously completed unsuccessfully. With CPA, your child can use our credit recovery option with tailored solutions to achieve the grade they deserve, at their own pace.

CPA Curriculum Options Tailored to Our Students’ Academic Needs

Champion Preparatory Academy offers multiple options for your child to receive the best instruction method suited to their ability. We have several curriculum options to cater to our students’ academic requirements. Our educational choices for our online students are as follows:

Although we are a faith-based school, we also offer secular curriculum courses. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to tick all your scholastic boxes. If your child is looking for a certain course, we have it. At CPA, we offer over 400 courses, from every academic subject to tons of elective and career choices.

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Champion Preparatory Academy is a Leading Christian Academy that offers fully accredited programs with multiple pathways and a host of choices to help your child succeed.

Champion Academy is our service based program for home educated students receiving the PEP or FES-UA scholarship.

For more information, please feel free to give us a call at (407) 788-0018 ext. 108. If you have any questions or concerns you may also send us a message online or schedule a meeting to connect with our CPA admissions coordinator.

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