A Foundational Program for Little Learners

Champion Preparatory Academy's on-campus Pre-K and VPK programs are designed to get our students started on their educational journey with a solid foundation.

Pre-K (VPK) Information 2023-2024
Preschool License #E18SE007

Faith-based Academic Development

Champion Preparatory Academy’s little learners are taught faith principles, fundamentals, and unique ways to have group fun. They enjoy the opportunity to do all this while forming their worldviews via educational activities, active play, and multisensory learning. Our Pre-K and VPK students spend their days in a cooperative group learning environment that is focused on pre-reading, math, and developmental skills. Our curriculum also incorporates art, music, dramatic play, plenty of outdoor playtime, and storytelling to help children build confidence and prepare them for Kindergarten.

What Can You Expect from Our Pre-K & VPK Programs?

When enrolling your young ones, you can be sure that your child will obtain a quality education and have all the tools necessary to surpass academic expectations. Our small class sizes and 2:18 teacher/student ratio ensure that every student receives individually tailored instruction and one-on-one attention with their teachers. As an added benefit, students who complete their VPK education with us will be automatically accepted into our Kindergarten program in the following school year.

Pre-K & VPK Programs Enrollment Options built to Fit Around Your Schedule

Champion Preparatory Academy’s Pre-K & VPK programs offer multiple enrollment options that are tailored to fit into your daily schedule. You can choose to only enroll in VPK (T-W-Th) or add Monday and/or Friday to your child’s schedule. Students may additionally select to enroll only one or two days a week (Monday and/or Friday). Monday and Friday students must be 3.5 years by Sept. 1. All students are required to be potty trained.

VPK is offered at no charge to students that register with the Seminole County Early Learning Coalition to get their Certificate of Eligibility and will be age four (4) by Sept. 1.

  • VPK-Days: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday Time 9:00am-3:00pm.
  • Monday (Ages 3.5 by Sept. 1) (Private Pay) Time: 9:00am-3:00pm
  • Friday (Ages 3.5 by Sept 1) Private Pay Time 9:00am-12:00p

How Our Students Benefit from Learning with Us

Faith Based Learning – An introduction to fundamental Bible lessons that familiarize students with the concepts of God, Jesus, and faith.

Social Engagement – Quality time spent interacting with their peers and learning necessary social skills.

Foundational Learning – Curriculum focused on pre-reading and math skills that are vital for future success.

Art Appreciation – An environment that engages the imagination through the use of music, art, dramatic play, and storytelling.

Multisensory Activities – Hands on activities that engage the senses and improve fine and gross motor skills.

Active Play – Dedicated time for recess to participate in physical activity and have fun outdoors.

Outdoor Adventures – Opportunities to explore our sprawling, beautiful campus and spend time in the lap of nature.

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Pre-K and VPK Activities to Inspire Your Child

We recognize how important early learning is for the start of our students’ education journey. This is why we provide more than fundamental curriculum for our beginner learners. Instilling positive experiences within our students is the first step to a fulfilling education and a bright future. Here are some of the activities we provide that inspire the mind to wander freely into the realms of imagination and wonder:

  • Bible stories
  • Arts & crafts
  • Group learning
  • Christian sing-along
  • Outdoor activities
  • Gardening
  • Pre-reading prep
  • Math foundations
  • Dramatic play
  • Games
  • Recess


Parents may elect to provide their own lunch, drink and snack or sign up to have lunch delivered by school eatery. You would still need to provide a snack. The menu is varied and you may select to order only when you want.


We love to help your child celebrate their birthday. Please check with the teacher to find out about any allergies and what is allowed. Food must be packaged and sealed and labeled with ingredients.

Dress Code

Champion offers a Pre-K school t-shirt. You may bring any t-shirt to the school to have the Pre-K logo printed on the shirt. The cost is $10.00 per shirt. Allow two weeks for printing. Be sure to label your shirt as they get all mixed up at the shirt shop. Modest dress code, no offensive logos or slogans, bermuda length shorts, jeans, any pants or capri’s and closed toe shoes. Please no jewelry.


Your child may bring one small favorite toy or stuffed animal to school for circle time. After circle time the toys will be put in their cubby.

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Registration for the New School Year

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Admissions and Enrollment Procedures

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Learn More About Us

Champion Preparatory Academy is a private school that is tailor-made for our students. We do our best to create strong foundations for all our learners and empower them to go further. If you’re interested in learning more or seeing our wonderful program in action please call Mrs. Eiger, our Admissions Counselor, at (407)-788-0018 ext. 108 to set up a private school tour and meet the staff. If you need more information, please send us a message or you can request a meeting.

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