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Assistance for Struggling Student

At Champion Preparatory Academy, we make every effort to build better foundations in our students’ faith and education. Our objective is to deliver an education that works for our students, in keeping with their abilities. We have a remedial program in place for struggling students in grades 2 through 12.

A School that Creates Star Students

We recognize and understand that not everyone’s path of pursuing knowledge is linear. Often, students will learn material at a different pace than others based on their understanding and learning style. Students that struggle with their curriculum never have to worry at CPA because we have a program in place to provide the guidance they deserve. The Transition/S.T.A.R. program, or Students and Teachers Achieving Results, is designed to provide assistance for students who may struggle in a traditional classroom environment and require one-on-one instruction. We consider admission to this program after a review of the students’ I.E.P., academic records, placement testing, and teacher recommendation with the approval of our teaching staff.

How Can the Transition/ S.T.A.R. Program Guide Your Child?

Our Transitions/S.T.A.R Program is an effective solution for students who require more assistance in order to comprehend their curriculum and become successful students who are ready for the next step in their education. The Transition/S.T.A.R. Program helps students in their studies with one-on-one attention, options in education, and specialized resources. If you’re interested in learning about how the Transition/S.T.A.R. program can guide your child, here are a few highlights for you to consider:

  • Choices – Students that attend our Transitions/S.T.A.R. Program may attend some Monday enrichment classes, Bible, Recess, Lunch and PE with their grade level classmates in the Day School.
  • Small class ratio – Our 8:1 learner/teacher ratio fosters better understanding and communication among teachers and students.
  • Safety – Our program classes promote kindness and consideration within our learning environment.
  • Communication – We always keep families in the loop about their children’s progress, and value the feedback from parents and guardians.
  • Resources – We use a variety of tools to help facilitate strong foundations in our curriculum, such as textbooks, online resources, worksheets, and multisensory learning.
  • Materials – Book lists are provided by the teachers once the students’ academic needs have been evaluated. Our books are also included with tuition.
  • Scholarship options – Our program accepts the FES-UA, FES, and FTC Scholarships.
  • Curriculum options – Your child’s curriculum is based on the curriculum that the teacher feels will best meet the needs of your student.
  • Senior Diploma options – We offer two diploma options for our high school students. They include a regular diploma or a career diploma. Both are accepted at colleges across the nation.
  • Acknowledgement – If a student has attended all four years of school but cannot complete the requirements needed for a diploma, we offer a certificate of participation.

With our Transitions/S.T.A.R. program, your child can achieve the education they deserve at their own pace. Our Transitions/S.T.A.R program will provide a space where students fell supported and motivated to learn.

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Champion Preparatory Academy is a Leading Christian Academy that offers fully accredited programs with multiple pathways and a host of choices to help your child succeed

For more information, please feel free to give us a call at (407) 788-0018 ext. 108. If you have any questions or concerns you may also send us a message online or schedule a meeting to connect with our CPA admissions coordinator.

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