Lower School at Champion Prep

A Traditional Education with 21st Century Expertise

Champion Preparatory Academy's Lower School program is intended to help our students explore their foundational knowledge, faith, and 21st century technology.

Educational Approaches Tailored to Our Students

Champion Preparatory Academy is a private school that relies on Christian values, traditional education, and tailor-made educational pathways. Our lower school students are moving forward in their academic journey and deserve the proper support to continue their progress. We offer an individualized education curriculum with all the tools and resources necessary for their growth. Kindergarten through 5th grade are formative years for young minds. As a premier Christian academy, we are responsible for helping shape those minds as character witnesses of Christ. 

The Highlights of Our Lower School Program

CPA is more than just a private Christian school; we are a community of Christians passionate about learning. We provide our students with a faith-based education that is also geared to meet current technological and educational requirements. If you want to learn more about our Lower School program, read on to discover more about our highlights.

  • Modern Education – We introduce your child to more advanced technology through basic coding, programming, and projects.
  • Traditional Values – We may include technology into our curriculum, but we also employ old school techniques to learn, such as board games, group work, and arts & crafts.
  • Strong Foundations – We develop our students’ foundations in reading, math, writing, and critical thinking.
  • Social Engagement – We believe in the importance of socialization and make sure all our students feel safe in our educational environment.
  • Fully Certified – Our teachers are fully certified in elementary education.
  • Small Class Sizes – We utilize small class sizes of a 15:1 student/teacher ratio for the best academic atmosphere possible.

What Can You Expect from Our Lower School Program?

Our Lower School starts the day with song and prayer to promote a positive ambiance at the beginning of the day. With CPA, you can expect customized class options to provide our students with choices in their education. We offer specialized courses you won’t find at other schools, such as robotics, guitar lessons, and culinary arts. Your child can work on our campus, remotely, or with a combination of both. We offer social opportunities through after school activities such as clubs, sports, and safety patrol.

How Our K- 5th Grade Students Benefit from Learning with CPA

Champion Preparatory Academy is devoted to delivering the best education possible for your child. Our Lower School students are allowed flexible class options to encourage positive outcomes in their education. When we give our students room in their learning experience, they are able to grow far beyond set expectations. If you want more information about how your child can benefit from learning with CPA, read on.

  • Positivity – We promote positive mindsets by treating our students with respect, kindness, and understanding, and teaching them to do the same.
  • Morality – Students are given a moral foundation with their education on faith, God, the Bible, and the church.
  • Creativity – CPA values outside-the-box thinking, and we appreciate it when students challenge themselves to learn more.
  • Technology – Technology has advanced in education, and as it does, so does our curriculum.
  • Camaraderie – We encourage social engagement through a variety of different outlets to suit all our students’ personalities.
K-5th Grade Students
Lower School Private Education

A Typical Academic Week for Our Lower School Students

Our school week at Champion Preparatory Academy is a one-of-a-kind school experience. We make sure to cater to our students’ academic needs and create a schedule that meets all their requirements. Our school week at CPA is as follows:

Monday – We start our week with “technology meeting tradition” in activities focused on science, social studies, and enrichment. All our students participate in our PE classes to work on their fitness and take in some fresh air.

Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday – Our middle of the week days are used to increase our students’ knowledge of their core academics. Our instructors create lessons to engage and inspire their classes with various resources, including technology. These days are used to complete classwork and work on fundamental comprehension.

Friday – Our last day of classes for the week involves very minimal classwork and homework. Students may complete their work at home or utilize our study hall.

Registration for the New School Year

Champion Preparatory Academy is a Leading Christian Academy that offers fully accredited programs with multiple pathways and a host of choices to help your child succeed. If you’re interested in enrolling your child in our Day School feel free to call admissions at (407) 788 0018 ext. 108.

Private Christian Lower School

Our Enrollment Options

Champion Preparatory Academy has multiple enrollment options to create a unique learning experience. Our enrollment options are as follows:

  • One day – One, on campus school day for Monday classes on enrichment, social sciences, and science.
  • Four days – A four-day school week that runs Monday–Thursday for enrichment classes and core academic courses.
  • Five days – A five-day school week from Monday through Friday. Friday focuses on homework help with one-on-one instructor mentorship.

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Champion Preparatory Academy is a Leading Christian Academy that offers fully accredited programs with multiple pathways and a host of choices to help your child succeed

For more information, please feel free to give us a call at (407) 788-0018 ext. 8. If you have any questions or concerns you may also send us a message online or schedule a meeting to connect with our CPA admissions coordinator.

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