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Homeschool Learning Center (Grades 5-12)

It is the ideal environment for students who are homeschooling but want more academic support and social enrichment.

Individualized Education at Your Child’s Pace

Is your child more productive when they work alone? Or are they the type of student eager to take the lead in group projects and enjoy being involved in the busy work? Perhaps you have a homeschooled student who is losing concentration and needs some structure? If any of these qualities describe your child, CPA's Homeschool Learning Center may be the answer to ensuring that they receive an education suited to their specific academic needs. Our Learning Center is an on-campus program that is utilized during our day school hours for grades 5 through 12. It is the ideal environment for students who are homeschooling but want more academic support and social enrichment.

Which Students May Benefit from our Homeschool Learning Center?

At Champion Preparatory Academy, we understand that instructional systems have surpassed traditional classrooms. This is why we offer a multi-dimensional learning center that caters to our students’ educational needs, whether that be the need for individualized attention or the need for an environment that supports the acceleration of their learning. Students that benefit the most from our Independent Learning Center are those that exhibit independence in group settings and have the motivation to push themselves further in their curriculum. Parents with children that require a structured atmosphere where their children are provided with guidance and mentorship can benefit as well.

What is the Purpose of the Homeschool Learning Center?

Our center provides a comfortable space where children are able to work on their required curriculum in the company of other independent learners. Often, children that enjoy being in a class with other kids but don’t like the constraints of the traditional classroom, flourish in our center because of the freedom, one-on-one guidance, and the space to focus on their coursework.

Why is the Homeschool Learning Center Important?

Independent learning works on the belief that it is okay to ask for guidance, but it is also okay to try to teach yourself. It is necessary in education because it is the cornerstone of creativity and an active mind. Children that exhibit the desire to learn and accelerate their education have the power of intellectual curiosity. This curiosity is what leads to progress in our society, from inventions to infrastructure. It is important to support the pursuit of knowledge in any way that we can. Our Learning Center is an environment created to support creativity, independence, and innovation.

Homeschool Learning Center
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Why Do Students and Parents Love Independent Learning?

The families that belong to the Champion community love our Homeschool Learning Center because it is an educational environment that empowers accelerated independent learners within a group setting. Students can work at their own speed while receiving one-on-one assistance as required. While they work on their individual course work, they can also be involved in the social engagement on campus. We offer fun activities to promote an interactive education and not just academics.

If any of our students in the HLC need assistance, there is a teacher available to offer personalized attention and guidance. The teacher’s approach is to allow the students to feel empowered as they think and work independently – only stepping in when needed. Parents enjoy having an environment where their children feel free but also have the safety and supervision of a teacher available when assistance is necessary.

When Can Your Child Attend HLC?

Our Learning Center is open Tuesday – Thursday from 9am to 3pm and Friday 9am to 12pm. You may elect to send your child for the entire day or create a schedule that matches your circumstances. We encourage regular attendance to the program for the best results in your child’s education, however, it is not mandatory.

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How Our Learning Center Works

We accept students from grades 5 through 12 in this on-campus program. To qualify, your child needs to be working at or above grade level, complete our required Christian testimony guidelines, and attend church regularly. We also require that students follow the Day School dress code. Students in this program must come prepared with their own supplies and may only be able to leave with the approval of a parent or guardian. This program is ideal for students in homeschool or students that need extra attention on a certain subject. We provide the space to help students work independently on their required coursework with a teacher available to help motivate or guide them. We also offer amazing social opportunities with activities such as chapel time, physical education, brain breaks, lunch with Day School students, and participation in Day School special activities. 

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