Homeschool and Online Learning Programs

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Homeschool parents love Champion because our staff is professional and very experienced in homeschooling. We are nationally accredited and most of all, we work with each family in a very personal manner. Champion is a seventeen year old ministry that is truly here to provide the support that you need to make sure your homeschooling is successful. For a more detailed description about our program(s), visit the pages below. See our testimonials to hear from our current Champion families.

Steps to enrolling in our Distance Programs:

  1. Request Enrollment Packet
  2. Attend an Information Meeting  (on-campus or online) The information meeting is optional! All information is included in our enrollment packet.
  3. Enroll Online

CPA K-12 Homeschool Academy allows parents to legally school at home. CPA offers academic testing, recordkeeping, professional school transcripts, many activities and field trips, four diploma options, a graduation ceremony, and much more. We accept enrollment  year round and nationwide!

CPA K-12 Online Academy offers a choice of over 120 Secular or Christian online courses for families that prefer to school at home and desire an independent learning solution. Start at any time!

Adult High School Diploma Program (age 18 and up) - Earn an accredited High School Diploma through our online academy. We accept work credits, high school transcripts, and homeschool portfolios and will help you determine what is needed to finish your high school education. Start at any time!