What Champion Families and Students Say About Us

Pen and Ink“CPA Classical School and CPA Homeschool is so responsive to allow our son to advance to a more challenging math level and to work at a higher level in other subjects based upon his strong transcript and academic testing. We found the atmosphere to be so warm, caring, and encouraging. You recognize each child's particular strengths, challenges, unique gifts, and needs for alternate approaches. You do this while still employing an expectation of courtesy and civility and having high standards for proper behavior. You took a child who was losing his love of learning and developing a poor self-image in the public school setting, and you gave him interesting lessons in a group setting where he could enjoy interacting with other classmates. I am so impressed with the mutual respect I have witnessed in my son toward his teachers. Thank you for the many life lessons you teach.” ~B

“Our family is so very pleased with every aspect of CPA. This is our 4th year. It has been the best school for my two sons. The staff and teachers have a wonderful Christian spirit, and we are blessed to be a part of the school family.” ~Julie Dern

“I am so happy we have been able to be involved at Champion. This was our first year homeschooling. We have always had them in private school and last year we tried public school. Homeschooling through Champion has been our favorite. It was a challenge, but God has given us a great support team at Champion. I can't imagine homeschooling without them. I know our year was a success because they helped every step of the way.”

“Champion has been a great blessing to our family. My children have done very well in the on-campus program. The individual attention from the staff (when needed) combined with the classroom setting has been wonderful.” ~Julie Wermter

“We love Champion Preparatory Academy! The goals and standards are high! Being a part of Champion Preparatory Academy, we know we have the support and guidance we need to provide our daughter with the best education. She will know that she has the knowledge, confidence, and ability to reach any star.” ~Anna Webb

“There is not enough room here to tell how wonderful CPA has been for us. The teachers and Mrs. Falco are so dedicated to the families, we could not ask for a better atmosphere for learning! I am so grateful to all of you.”

“We have found the combination of homeschool and class time with other students to be very beneficial in a well rounded education for our child. She is able to grow socially, spiritually, and intellectually in a setting of caring and attentive parents and teachers. Thank you, Champion!”

“Champion Preparatory Academy (CPA) has been a blessing. Before enrolling our child in CPA, the thought of being able to choose a curriculum for your child, being in control of your child's learning environment, and having access to an outstanding staff that not only provides personal attention, but focuses on the needs of you and your student when needed, was nothing more than a dream.”

“You have made it so easy for us to transition from a school to working at home. Our children are better for it. Thank you.”

“Champion is a wonderful place that helps both my children who are complete opposites academically. It’s a rare find!”