Champion Independent Study Program

An On-Campus (Apopka, FL) multi-grade level (5-12)
2017-2018 (New Program)

General Information

Who: Students in grades 5-12 with good behavioral control, who prefer an independent learning program. Students must be motivated to learn independently and have attention controls that will allow them to complete work in a group setting. This program is most suited for students that are accelerated learners who desire more social and academic interaction, but want to move at their own pace.

Why: You may love homeschooling, but are having a difficult time getting your student to do their work and to stay motivated or maybe you have to go back to work and want a school that will continue to allow your student to work at their own pace. Students many times will have a different kind of relationship with the teacher and will gladly complete their schoolwork with teacher guidance.

What: A place for your student to get teacher mentoring, encouragement, and fellowship with other students while completing schoolwork at their own pace.

Teacher Mentor: Our Champion Christian teacher will provide some basic one-one instruction for each student, but is there mainly to supervise, and to keep your student motivated to complete their work and keep on pace. The teacher records the grades on the Champion transcript (9-12) or progress report (5-8) each semester so the parent doesn’t have to do grade reporting. 

Group Class Option: Students may select to attend and fully participate in either a science or history class from the Day School Schedule.  

Science and Art: The program will offer one-half hour art and/or science on T-W-Th. 

Class Size: 1:10

Attendance: Regular attendance is encouraged, but not required. Parents are responsible to supervise the student’s schoolwork when they are not on-campus. The Independent Study Academy is open from 8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Students may select to attend for the whole time or make their own parent approved schedule. Students may not leave without parental approval. 

Dress Code: Students will be required to follow the Day School dress code. 

Safety Patrol: Students may elect to participate in our Safety Patrol Program. 

Acceptance Into the Program: Students must be motivated to learn, working at or close to grade level and must be attending church on a regular basis and complete our school Christian testimony guidelines. 

Fellowship: Students will fellowship with grade level students for lunch/PE and chapel. A creativity, brain break center will be set up for students to take a short break from their work or to work on a project. Students may also enroll for our Monday electives and participate in all of our Day School special activities. 

Project and Materials: Students must bring their own supplies for projects and required class work. 

Curriculum Options

  1. Sign-up for online using Champion Preparatory Academy as your school. The course teacher will be the official teacher. The Champion Independent Study teacher will reinforce the learning, assist where needed, and work to keep your student on a pace that is set by, the student, and parent.
  2. ACE Curriculum: Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum fully integrates biblical principles, wisdom, and character-building concepts into their easy to use PACE workbooks. Students provide their own curriculum and answer keys. The Champion Independent Study teacher will reinforce the learning, assist where needed, and work to keep your student on a pace that is set by the student and parent.
  3. Ignitia Online Program: Ignitia is a Christ-Centered online program that offers all courses and electives for grades 5-12. Teacher grading is offered, but no tutoring outside of the program. Placement testing is available. See Champion Online Academy for more information on Ignitia. There is no option to select only one course.
  4. Connexus Online Program: This online option offers over 400 courses with a variety of levels, pathways, and instructional strategies to meet the needs of every learner right where they are. Select one course or all your courses. You can also select from regular courses, foundations or honors.There is an online live tutor available every step of the way. The Champion Independent Study teacher will reinforce the learning, assist where needed, and work to keep your child on pace.


Academic Courses

  • In these online courses, students work independently and online teachers support learning through differentiated instruction, modifications, and assessment. Students receive immediate and teacher-generated feedback to help them master content before moving on. 

Foundation Courses

  • Foundation courses deliver the same great instruction as our academic courses, but take greater time to focus on core concepts, gradually introduce new skills, and provide additional practice and review for better student understanding.

Honors Courses

  • Honors courses provide students with advanced assignments and reading selections that foster higher order thinking skills. Teachers engage students in discussion, facilitate exploratory projects, and provide feedback on assignments. Many honors courses do not have teacher assistance. Please note that live tutor and teacher instruction is not available for all courses. Please see the course guide to determine which courses have live teacher support.

Blended Curriculum

  • A blended curriculum would be a mix of some online and some paper learning.

Pacing: will work with the family on extensions or allow a student to excel.  ACE students will need to purchase the goal cards to use with the program. The Champion teacher will help the student complete their goal cards each week. Ignitia and Connexus will use a Champion provided pacing guide and homework sheet.  

Grading: The Champion teacher will grade all ACE schoolwork. The student must provide the answer keys for their work. FLVS will do the grading on their coursework.  


  1. Monday Enrichment and Electives: See the Day School Monday calendar. 8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (optional)
  2. T-W-Th 8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  3. M-Th 8:45 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. and Friday 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition: Please see the Day School Enrollment Packet for tuition and fee schedule. Tuition does not include the curriculum or lab fees.

Lab & Curriculum Fees

  • Computer Monitoring Software: $30.00 per computer. This fee is added only if your child is using online curriculum.
  • Curriculum Fees:
    • Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum Fees: Parent orders curriculum and answer keys. Prices vary. The cost is approximately $277.00 for 6 subjects. These can be ordered individually, and you don’t have to order the whole year curriculum at one time. To learn more Google the curriculum.  
    • Ignitia Fees: See our Champion Online Academy Packet for more Information. Five (5) or more courses $600.00 (There is no option for single class enrollment)
    • Champion Connexus Curriculum Fees: These fees are added to your tuition. See our Champion Online Academy packet for more information.
      1. Single course(s) with live tutoring: $250.00
      2. Up to four (4) courses with live tutoring: $850.00
      3. Five (5) or more courses with a live tutor: $1000.00

    Monday Classes: Please see the Day School Schedule