Homeschool Academy (Nationwide)


Welcome to Champion Preparatory Academy, a nationally accredited private school that values every child and helps students achieve their goals and dreams. Champion began in 1995, and our years of experience have given us the expertise and reputation to ensure you are equipped to give your child an excellent home education. Our professional staff has over 70 years combined experience in home education. Our educational counselors are available to help you every step of the way.

Many families today are looking to educate their children at home but feel overwhelmed by the process. Our K–12 Homeschool Academy helps families keep accurate records of their child’s progress, attendance, standardized test scores, and portfolio development as well as provides resources and services to help families select the right curriculum for their child.

Choose Your Own Curriculum or Let Our Educational Counselor Help

CPA provides just the right amount of freedom to educate your student at home with the parent in charge of the education. CPA gives the support you need to help you provide your children with an excellent education. CPA enables parents to be the primary educators of their children while fulfilling legal educational requirements. CPA is one of the very few fully accredited private schools serving home-educated students nationwide that allows parents their choice of curriculum! If you need help with choosing curriculum, our educational counselor will gladly help with recommendations.

We'll Keep Your Child's Records

Home education provides parents the opportunity to instruct their children academically and spiritually, equipping them to have a positive impact on our world. Nevertheless, home schooling carries with it a responsibility to record grades accurately, track academic progress, and ultimately be prepared to provide a diploma and high school transcript.
Designed to make the homeschool experience more enjoyable, CPA offers families an affordable option to maintain student records in a manner that meets district and state guidelines, relieving parents of the stress and time required to educate themselves regarding the legal record keeping requirements.

CPA offers a parent the ability to choose your own curriculum, but CPA is there for you with advice and counseling to make sure you are meeting all requirements for your students. We also keep records of your student’s course work. When a student successfully completes his/her high school academics, CPA awards a high school diploma from our fully accredited private school. CPA provides a professional high school transcript (not just a document printed from the Internet), guidance recommendations, help with dual enrollment, processing of the Bright Futures Scholarship information (FL) to assist with the college application process, and a diploma for those who complete graduation requirements. Colleges across the nation have accepted CPA students.

CPA Online Academy additionally offers over 170 courses online, both secular and Christian. We offer remedial, regular, honors, and AP courses.

We Offer Diplomas

We keep record of your student’s course work. When a student successfully completes high school academics, CPA awards a high school diploma from our fully accredited private school. CPA provides a high school transcript, guidance recommendations, help with dual enrollment, and processing of the Bright Futures Scholarship information (FL) to assist with the college application process.

If you would like more information, you may request a detailed program booklet, including a list of available courses and units. We are always here to answer any questions you may have as well—simply call our office at (407) 788.0018.

Diploma options:

  • Scholar - 28 Credits
  • Standard - 24 Credits
  • Accelerated - 18 Credits, 3 year graduation
  • Standard Career - 18 Credits

State Laws Concerning Homeschooling

CPA is a fully accredited non-public private school in the state of Florida. Champion families that live in Florida do not need to sign up with their county superintendent. Homeschool laws do not apply to CPA members, as we fall under private school law. CPA fulfills the legal requirement for homeschooling for most states. Families that live outside of Florida may be required to additionally register with your local superintendent. Our staff will be happy to consult with you concerning the homeschool laws in your state.

Why Choose Champion

With year-round enrollment and fully accredited programs that serve home educated students nationwide, we can provide you with the flexibility, quality, and right tools to offer your child a professionally designed curriculum and to help you build a strong, solid, educational foundation to meet the educational goals of every child. Our professional advisors and staff will save you money on unneeded curriculum and make sure that your homeschool work is accountable and credible. Our tuition is very reasonable, and we have many resources that we provide to our families. Our staff strives for excellence in all that we do. There are many reasons to choose Champion— give us the opportunity to tell you more!

It is our prayer that you will choose Champion to provide the support you need to ensure a successful home education program. We are here to serve you and your family.

If you would like more information, you may request a detailed information packet (tuition and fees, parental requirements, graduation options, etc.) and sign up for an information meeting (online or on-campus). If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to answering any questions you may have.

Member Services

  • Help families understand homeschooling with a private school and the legal requirements
  • Answer questions and provide support throughout your enrollment
  • Educational advisor to help you choose curriculum that works best for your family
  • Help with homeschool questions
  • Online curriculum available for an extra fee

Support and Service

  • Maintain student’s academic records in a cumulative file
  • Member website with homeschool resources
  • Professional progress reports K–8 and transcripts for high school students
  • Help with high school student’s life experience into elective credits
  • Private school diploma upon completion of graduation requirements work study program
  • Insurance verification for driver’s license
  • Dual enrollment assistance
  • Semester progress reports completed online by parents
  • Professional transcripts provided to colleges

College Advising

  • Academic planning guide
  • NCAA eligibility plans
  • Bright Futures for Florida students
  • Professional guidance counselors
  • College recommendation letters

Field Trips and Activities for Central Florida Families

  • Field trips scheduled one to three times a month on Fridays
  • On-Campus Enrichment Classes (Day School-Monday)
  • Scripps Spelling Bee Young Author’s Day
  • Community Service
  • Field Day
  • History Fair
  • Talent Show
  • National Beta Club for grades 5–2
  • Promotion Ceremony and Certificates
  • VPK, K, 8 & Senior Graduation Ceremony
  • Independent Study Program (5-12) On-Campus Center for homeschool students